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Pradera Verde Golf Course

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

As I started reviewing these golf courses I have not played all of them as of yet. However so far if I was to say until proven otherwise Pradera Verde Golf Course is a clear winner. I played there this recent Sunday and forgot to get as many pictures as I should as I was too busy breaking records in the sand traps. I will make sure on a constant basis that I will come back and add to these articles to ensure they are true and accurate. On another quick note if you have played there and have some comments or pictures leave a comment and I'll include them.

Where is Pradera Verde Golf Course?

Pradera Verde is really quite easy to get to and is not very far from Angeles City where I am living. It is a place called Lubao, Pampanga. To get here from Angeles City it is about a 45-minute drive and from Manila, you can expect at least a 2 to 3-hour trip. There is not much else within that area to do besides a wakeboard park and a hotel. I have been thinking about staying there for a long weekend in the hotel and just playing endless golf it is that good. So if you are coming from Manila that is an option if you are organised and book ahead as it gets quite busy.

Pradera Verde Golf Course is the best value in the Philippines.

I say this as fact and it has been confirmed by many other golfers that play there also. the way they maintain the course is just amazing which you can see in my photo. The green fees are super cheap for what you get at 2200php on weekends and only 1500php on weekdays. That is really super cheap. the buggy is 600php and the caddie fee is to be paid directly and is 500php which is pretty standard. You really will not beat this value! If you do I want to know about it as I want to play there.

Pradera Verde Golf course is an amazing course

Midway through this article, I had a mental block so I had to go back and play again. I was too frustrated after the first round as I shot 97 hahaha. Out of the 18 holes I ended up in 16/18 bunkers. It must have been some kind of record. The course itself really should not be that difficult however it seems to be very strategically laid out. When you play there you will see what I mean there are distinct places you do not want to be that cause some real challenges.

The great thing at this course though is that if you like pulling out the driver you can an many of the holes and really let it rip. It is quite open in most places where you usually have hazards down bot side but not all the way except for a few dogleg par 4's that get a little tricky. The quality of the course and upkeep is really phenomenal lie I mentioned for the money.

The caddies are pretty reasonable on most occasions however like anywhere in the Philippines if you play enough you are likely to find one that drives you nuts at least once.

Pradera Verde golf course contact number

The contact number I have here is accurate as of today. It was very easy to book however make sure you do book ahead as it is very popular. Have fun and play well.

Contact Number: 0917 507 9666

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