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FA Korea Country Club

I must say that throughout the pandemic the FA Korea Country Club was my saviour as an expat living right near Clark. As soon as the pandemic hit the Koreas that live in the area were out of here quick smart so it left an awesome golf course with no one playing. They ver smart about their operations unlike some and dropped the price to 2750php all in which presents fantastic value. The bad news is though they have just put their price back to normal which is 3750php all in which is still not bad for what you get.

What makes FA Korea Country Club a great course?

Well, there are quite a few reasons I personally really like it. The first is the fantastic backdrop you get sitting perched right into Mount Arayat like Clark Sun Valley. The vies are not quite as good but still really good. The second is that it has two courses in one. There is the lover course which is far better for beginners than the upper course which really presents some challenges.

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