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Clark Sun Valley Country Club

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Pitching Wedge shot on Par 3 at clark Sun Valley Country Club Philippines
Cracking the pitching wedge on a Par 3 from 80 yards up and 120 yards out!

If you get a chance to visit the Philippines and Golf, you must put Clark Sun Valley Country Club on the list. Even if you are not that great at golf it really will not matter as you will not be able to avoid being blown away by the breathtaking views. A lot of visitors to this region of the Philippines do not really come for the golf as Clark is just outside the Philippines' largest red-light district, Angeles City. Maybe you might just take up golf as an excuse to visit?

How do you get to Clark Sunvalley Golf Course?

Motorbike ride to Clark Sun Valley
Took the motorbike and the wifey for a quick spin!

It is actually really simple to get to. So, Clark has its own international airport wherein you can fly direct given flight availability. So if you fly direct then it is as easy as flying in and jumping in a blue taxi and you will be there in 15-20 minutes. If you have your own private car then even better as you will really enjoy the drive up the scenic mountainside. If you are coming from Manila you can expect it to take you about 2-3 hours. You would have to organise a private car which would cost you about 3500php.

How much are the Sun Valley Clark Golf Club Green Fees?

Well, it is not the cheapest course around that's for sure but in the scheme of things, it is pretty dam good value from a global perspective. Today when we played our game there were two of us and it was 3900php all in including green fee, buggy and caddie. So from what I can work out, it would be about $110aud or $80usd total. That is really not bad for where you are and what you get. The average price of a green fee across the Philippines would be probably 20% cheaper.

A view of Mount Arayat from Sun Valley Clark Golf Course
The view from Sun Valley Clark is insane!

Here is why you should play Sun Valley Clark Golf Course!

Ok, so there are many reasons why you should play this course at least once in your life. Every time I play this course I am seriously amazed at how well kept it is compared to many of the courses in the Philippines. There is rarely one blade of grass out of place. The fairways are fluffy and it is almost impossible to have a bad lie. One of the challenges you can expect to have besides being on the side of a mountain is the greens. They are super fast. If you are used to landing a ball nice and high on and having it barely rile you are in for a shock.

Two friends at Clark Sun Valley Golf Course
A great day out every time at Sun Valley Clark, Philippines

These greens you can barely kiss the ball on a downhill small slope and it will just roll and roll. The other fun challenge is as I mentioned. The fact you are on the side of a mountain. I am no expert at golf and struggle to consistently hit the ball dead straight. If you are a slicer or a hooker (Golf) you are going to lose many balls which the local people will thank you for and sell back to you later.

If you miss the fairway, there are steep drops in many places that are mostly OB! If you hit a fairway by chance as they are very narrow also do not expect to have any flat surface. You will always be uphill, downhill below the ball or above the ball. I am really selling this. Actually, it can be quite a tricky course.

Things to know about playing Sun Valley Golf Course

  • Do not expect to get your driver out much besides a few open par 5's where you will need it. Otherwise, you should be safe with a Hybrid of the tee mostly.

  • Try to book early is one it is hot as hell but two it can get busy with the wealthy older crowd that may be very slow.

  • A Caddie fee is included so just a small tip of 100-200php to the caddie is acceptable at the end of the round. More if you feel generous and feel the caddie did a great job.

  • Beers are 100php if you enjoy a couple on the course

How to contact Clark Sun Valley Country Club

Phone: +6345 499 5119

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