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Fix your WIX website link structure before getting started!

In this short article, I am going to discuss the importance of your WIX website link structure before you start your new awesome business idea or blog. You have all heard of SEO and what you may think is you need an SEO expert to increase your rankings to your new or existing site. In most cases, this stuff is actually pretty logical. Before putting any effort into any SEO make sure your link structure for your blog, news, faq or even Vlog section is set up correctly.

The strongest SEO URL is off the root domain

A simple rule is that the strongest URL is the root domain. So on this website, the root domain is meaning that if I wanted to rank for stepten this root domain is going to have a very good chance of getting to the top spot. However, when it comes to most root domains they are usually your brand or the company name. With this being the case the next best chance to rank any particular keyword you are going for is to do this off the root domain. meaning not rootdomain/post/WIX-website-link-structure.

Getting started this way will give you a head start as it is easy not to think about things like this and get 100 articles in and then to work out you need to change it. If you get to this point then what you will realise is that wherever you have ever shared that link or internally linked it or it was even picked up by another website will now be broken This is not good. The only option to fix this is to set up redirects from your old link to your new link however this is not ideal. Start everything with the end in mind.

The good news is that I have just set up this WIX website as a bit of a hobby and will explore the platform intimately so I'll be picking up all of these tips based on experience in the past. It did not take long to explore the site to find what I was looking for. All you need to do is head over to SEO TOOLS > SEO PATTERNS > Blog Posts.

You can now simply delete anything in there and just leave post slug. This will mean the unique URL you set as your slug to match your keyword intent will be directly off the root domain.

If you have found this article before you got started then I am super excited for you. If you have not then as much work as it takes, put the effort into making the changes as all your hard work moving forward will be an uphill battle without making this change.

If you find this article useful share it. Thanks for reading weirdos.


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