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What weirdos should read my blog?

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

I am hoping that my blog attracts a whole bunch of weirdos like myself. I have no real intention of where this blog will go all I know is I like getting stuff I think about out of my head and if no one is listening then I am literally talking to myself. This is essentially the written version of the thoughts that consume my mind on a daily basis. If you have found this blog then thank god I am no longer talking to myself.

Weirdos are the 1% that do the things the normal people don't

When I say weirdos you must take that in the right context as what it means is the 1% of people that simply do not give a shit about whatever people th

ink about them, do not take no for an answer and have balls the size of watermelons that will stop at nothing until they have squeezed every out every bit the life has to offer. If this is you then you will enjoy the random articles that I will be writing for the rest of my life because simply I just like doing it.

Right, so what type of content are you likely to read in this blog. Well, it is going to be all based on experiences through my life, the good the bad, the ugly and some of the moments I am sure as hell glad I do not have to go through again. At this point, I am 35 and have crammed more than a lifetime of living into those years already so you will learn from some of the success but more from the failures which have got me to this point.

Here are the categories you will find in the blog

  • Life lessons

  • Travel

  • Sports & Leisure

  • Business

  • Marketing

  • Investments

  • Reviews

These topics are pretty broad but will allow me to cover all the adventures, lessons and business advice I need to get out of my brain.


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