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EverGrow Coin (EGC), is it still worth buying?

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Is EverGrow Coin still worth buying? Well, the answer to that is I have absolutely no idea like most people as all these shit coins can go from shit to riches in a matter my days. So please do not take my advice on this but I think this shitcoin is going to go sideways for a while and then explode. I say this as all of these coins that have any validity follow a similar pattern.

Let's look at the first of the shitcoins or meme coins that really pumped. I can not use dodge as an example as it was the first and the trendsetter. All these other coins are now following and doing a similar thing because of what dodge did in my opinion.

The Shiba Inu Pump and Dump looks like what EGC will do!

So you can see here that there was the initial pump and dump where the early adoptors got on if they could work out where the hell to buy the coin. Then the fluff and hype die out and it starts to dump. However, this would have made enough people some serious money who had talked to their friends and told them about it. This creates awareness and people start buying. this in itself though is not enough to send it crazy because usually at this point it is still too hard to buy.

No coin will seriously pump until it is on an exchange that reaches the masses. People with deep pockets no longer take risks on dicey coins or investments like this. So the risk will determine your reward. People who are prepared to put in the extra effort to work out how to buy a coin will get it at a far lower price however there is the risk it will never get to a major exchange and you will lose all your capital.

EverGrow coin prediction is that it will pump just not sure when

With EverGrow coin it has broken all records early on so my logic says that it will break some serious records also in the future it is just about time. I am just putting in small amounts on lows as it does fluctuate like crazy at the moment because of its low price.

Currently, if you want to buy this coin it is a bit tricky.

How do you buy EverGrow Coin (EGC)?

You will need a few things to do right now. You will need a wallet that holds BNB. You will need a meta mask wallet and connect it to PooCoin .

Once you have done this then it is pretty easy, you just select EGC and swap your BNB for it. You will then see it in your metamask wallet. Good luck :)

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