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Connect your WIX website to google!

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

I have been working in business for quite a long time and worked on many websites so I was surprised how I forgot to connect my WIX website to Google? It was quite funny when I realised as I had been writing content and then checking if it slipped through google by chance quickly and started ranking. Each day the answer was no until I finally clicked on the 4th step it was giving me related to google. I didn't click it cause I thought I know what I am doing on Google it's not relevant.

Well, I was wrong as it was relevant as there is a direct connection between WIX and google my business. I completed the steps it gave which were pretty easy to follow. I then was connected to Google Search Console as well. I know about indexing as I tell my SEO team it needs to be done each time they post an article. I had never done it myself and thought how hard can it be. The answer was not very so I went and indexed the articles.

How to index an article in Google Search console

  1. Login to Google Search Console

  2. Click URL inspection

  3. Paste the URL and hit enter

  4. Request Index

  5. Wait a few minutes

This is all you have to do. Almost 48 hours after this I broke into the top 100 spots for a few articles I had written. I like to golf, so I am reviewing all the best golf courses in the Philippines one by one and course by course like I have for Sun Vally Clark Golf Course.

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